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Glass Box & Marufuku Ramen Sake Dinner featuring Dassai Sake

October 25, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Glass Box Del Mar & Marufuku Ramen invite you to their Sake Dinner featuring Dassai Sake

Join Glass Box Del Mar and Marufuku Ramen in the luxurious Sky Deck located in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center October 25th as they feature legendary sake distiller, Dassai for a 6-course dinner and sake pairing.

Date – 10/25/23

Time – 7-9 PM

Cost Per Person – $85

Dining Details – 6- Course food and sake pairing featuring Dassai’s 45,23, Hayata and Sparkling.

Dassai will be offering a few bottles of their hard-to-find and highly coveted premium sakes for purchase ahead of and during the exclusive, namely their Dassai 23 Hayata (12 bottles) and the Dassai Beyond (2 bottles). With such few bottles available, please call Marufuku Del Mar ahead of time to reserve your bottle. You’ll receive an exclusive showing and informational session with the Dassai sake sommelier after the event!

Dinner Menu

*Kakuni Bites*

Japanese steamed buns embrace soft, thick braised pork belly, adorned with velvety Japanese mayo, delicately sliced scallions, vibrant arugula, and a symphony of toasted sesame seeds. All accompanied by the gentle heat of shishito peppers.

Paired with Dassai 45 Nigori

**Sashimi Symphony**

An exquisite assortment of pristine sashimi graces your palate, featuring a melodic composition of tuna, salmon, albacore, aji, kurodai, and yellowtail. Each slice is a harmonious dance of flavors, served alongside the gentle crescendo of freshly grated wasabi and the mellifluous soy symphony.

Paired with Dassai 45

**Paitan Elysium**

In the depths of your bowl, a rich white “paitan” broth swirls like a serene river, crowned with emerald green onions, delicate bean sprouts, the ethereal beauty of kikurage mushrooms, and a seasoned soft-boiled egg—a masterpiece. Beside it, a sizzling plate, where the grilled chicken leg commands your senses with its divine aroma and tender allure.

Paired with Dassai 39

**Black Cod Sonata**

A virtuoso of flavors emerges as the succulent black cod takes the stage, adorned in a sweet miso glaze. The cod, an artist in its own right, is masterfully grilled to perfection. It is presented upon a canvas of fragrant jasmine rice, accompanied by a lyrical ensemble of sautéed Asian vegetables.

Paired with Dassai 23

**Japanese Cheesecake Serenade**

The grand finale arrives as a Japanese cheesecake graces your plate—a symphony of fluffy and ethereal sweetness. It is accompanied by a drizzle of berry compote that sings with vibrancy and a scoop of red bean ice cream that adds a rich, harmonious note to this culinary masterpiece.

Paired with Dassai 45 Sparkling Nigori




October 25, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm